The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns – November 2014


November was an amazing month for innovative digital marketing campaigns. We are seeing some great efforts that are ‘pure digital’ as marketers learn to experiment with the technology. Even for ads that are destined for the TV, there are more and more youtube premieres and social media tie-ins. It is also exciting to see smaller […]

Breaking Bad, Foxcatcher and Neverending Story – reimagined by fans!


Watch this and you’ll have the song stuck in your head for a week. Animeme re-imagines the song “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” in the world of Breaking Bad. The connection is scary – so much of Breaking Bad is Walt trying to convince Jesse to stick with him. Makes you wonder where […]

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns – September 2014


Here is my round up of some of my favorite digital campaigns from September, including video, social media and apps. Enjoy, and let me know in the comments if I missed anything! Adobe – Mean Streets This one just crept in at the end of the month. To promote the Adobe Marketing Cloud, the ad […]

Best Cookbook Ad Ever!


This is hilarious and very effective. Thug Kitchen is a fun, healthy recipe site that breaks through the clutter (yes there is serious clutter when it comes to healthy recipe websites) by using ‘straightforward’ language and a wicked sense of humour. “Eat some real fucking food”. “Don’t be a lazy fucking asshole”. You get the […]

Clever Print Ad for Press Freedom – Information is Amunition


Clever execution by Juniper Park for Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. What looks like weapons are actual collections of camera, microphone and tripod parts. I’m not really sure who exactly is going to see these ads (certainly not the general public) but I’m sure they have their own audience. Possibly worth it just for the […]

The difference between great and terrible advertising.

It’s simple – a clear, important message. Great advertising has a clear, understandable message that is important to the target audience. Terrible advertising doesn’t. Either the message is not clear, or is not important. Here is a fantastic ad for Kimpton Hotels The message is clear – we care and provide amazing, personalized service. The […]

Understanding non-profit education

In India, the term ‘non-profit’ often creates confusion, especially in the area of education. Non-profit does not mean that education should be free. It does not mean that education should be low-cost. Non-profit means that all funds that come into the school, whether as fees or fundraising donations, HAVE to be spent within the school. […]