Indian Cinemas Need Reward Programs!

  First published on PassionforCinema   Almost every supermarket has reward cards and so do most department stores and clothing chains. Bookstores, airlines etc etc. The benefits of these programs work both ways. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty to that shop with points, free stuff, advance notice of special or new products. Individual product […]

Cinema + Web Advertising?

National Cine Media is one of the biggest cinema advertising companies in the US, with about 16,000 screens under their management. As part of an interesting media sales strategy, they have partnered with two popular websites – Rotten Tomatoes, and Flickster, to also sell ad space on the sites. The logic is this – many […]

Creative Industries and the Online Fan- How to Balance Your Time?

Three great posts here from Merlin Mann (best known for his ‘Inbox Zero’ methodologies). Creative workers, whether writers, artists, musicians etc, are increasingly working online, or at least on their computers, and within easy reach of email, skype, web forums, social networks. At the same time, they are being encouraged to engage with new media […]

Exciting Careers – Interactive Producer

Guinevere Orvis at Aboutnewmedia has a great post answering a question that she is often asked: “What is an Interactive Producer? Previously, when you wanted a website, you hired a website designer. Then, when you wanted more traffic, you hired an SEO expert. Then, to make it more customer friendly, you hired a usability expert. […]